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What did 2k do?

What did 2k do?

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What did 2k do? It does not appear much different at all. They updated Kobe confront but not other legends and Mut 21 coins lying about constructed in the ground. They staged franchise mode. What exactly did 2k do for new gen believe me this seems to be everyone's opinion. 2k did nothing but charging individuals twice for precise same game. I need gameplay. You can not even tell what is happening in this trailer. Gameplay footage is going to be the real test. Don't really expect tho much, as the majority of the animations looked the exact same and some things look off. WOW I was not expecting ANYTHING and I was frustrated wtf.

Wait is the next gen? Holy shit, man. Looks like current xbox one. Not wanting to be a dick, but that looks like shit compared to what 2k did. It is comical how awful this shit is. So with a more effective system you can't even put refs back? Can't even become real players on the sideline? Jerseys still look painted onexactly the same animations... Geez man. Perhaps I am being a bit too critical, but yikes. The mouth bits are still lacking, I saw screen shots of them and they were all wearing the same white ones and other players were not. There wasn't anything in this that I do not think could of been done by current gen. Nah you are right. They deserve the criticism after years of bad work. Too much memory space is required though! Another year of cheap Madden nfl 21 coins having a lifeless sideline. There's not any justification besides laziness. Before they can blame it on console limitations but maybe not anymore.