Check out the best Classic Khlapuri and Metallic dual hell on Gossip Shoes

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That little touch of home that we all need. This classic Kolhapuri is can be worn in many ways!

The Classic Kohlapuri

That little touch of home that we all need. This classic Kolhapuri is can be worn in many ways! We need a special article to tell you more. The easiest option for any Indian outfit right now --you will always be comfortable, stylish and classy. You can also always pair them with flared jeans and a shirt to add a bit of contrast and glamour to your western look.

Metallic Dual Strap Heel

This love is much more feminine and mischievous, almost like the love Carrie Bradshaw had for her only Manolo in her heavenly Manhattan apartment. Classic, Comfortable, But So Sexy --Get ready to make this one of your toughest choices every time you go out because these low-key, minimalist, and stylish sandals can be paired with just about anything. Visit on Gossip Shoes