Path Of Exile's new expansion Echoes Of The Atlas is out

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After the release of Cyberpunk 2077 was postponed in December, Path of Exile launched the latest expanded Echoes Of Atlas. The 1.13 update of Path of Exile is now live, adding many new features, including a new map, a new endgame boss and a new passive skill tree. In Path of Exile: Echoes Of Atlas, you can use your own passive tree to specialize each area of ​​the Atlas, make observation stones to complete your rewards, and choose up to ten map bosses to face and challenge at the same time Atlas' new pinnacle boss: The Maven. You can Buy Exalted Orb to build a more powerful passive skill tree.

Maven sounds like a particularly tricky new task, because it will require you to defeat several other bosses before returning to your own realm to fight them. There is also a new ritual challenge alliance, which has buried altars all over the world. You must kill the bad guys at the altar, and then kill more monsters that show up to attack it to get extra rewards from the altar. If you accidentally missed the rewards here, you can also Buy Chaos Orb.

Grinding tools are especially prepared to let players jump into that part of the update. Co-founder Chris Wilson said in a post yesterday: "In the past we have proposed many league ideas that tried to be courtesy, but only when we discovered this idea did we know that it deserves this reputation. The name of the broadcast. For how simple the league is conceptually, this is a comprehensive game."

Grinding Gear Games has released the patch notes for update 1.13, as well as detailed information about the balance change, advantage update and all other details. "Road to Escape" is one of the best RPGs on PC, and it becomes even better by playing it for free. Good things always have a lot to do, because Path Of Exile 2 is now very likely to come out in 2022. If you want to get more news about the Path Of Exile or need to purchase Chaos Orb, then you are welcome to visit POECurrency.