Cut Pile Fabric Is a Unique Textile

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The cut pile fabric is a soft surface and dense piles formed by thousands of chopped yarns.

The cut pile fabric is a soft surface and dense piles formed by thousands of chopped yarns. The bottom surface is a flat plain weave. The cut pile fabric is made by weaving two pieces of fabric at a time on a special loom. These fabrics share the same pile yarn, and as the loom weaves and rotates, a small blade moves back and forth between the two fabrics that cut the yarn. This cutting action produces soft yarn tufts called "pile", and finally, two separate fabrics are formed. In the process, a unique fluff direction is established, also called "fluff", which means it will feel smooth in one direction and texture in the other direction.

Like cut pile fabrics, jacquard machines are woven on complex looms, but in the case of jacquard machines, the loom will lift and lower the yarns to determine the arrangement of warp and weft yarns to produce the desired pattern or effect. People have always believed that cut pile fabrics are highly maintainable, so it is necessary to avoid frequent and severe conditions. This is far from the truth, especially for our cut pile upholstery fabric. After careful planning and testing, we have created high-performance cut pile fabrics. Another feature of cut pile fabric is that it is very suitable for use in the hotel industry and is related to sound. Cut pile fabric is a unique textile because its high-end feel can effortlessly enhance the interior design of the space. It also has strong sound absorption properties, so it is an excellent choice when dealing with sound levels and the overall atmosphere of the indoor environment.

In the long run, producing high-quality products is the solution to make the world a better place. Durability is also important. The fabric produced by our YIFAN curtain fabric wholesaler has a unique texture and tactile surface, and its geometric design stands out from the interlining so that our customers can make the best purchasing decisions for the future.