Path of Exile 3.13.1e patch brings improvements and fixes

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Patch 3.13.1e for Path of Exile will be released this week. The patch aims to bring some improvements and fixes, while also providing some improvements and fixes for Mac, PvP and crashes. More general fixes include bug fixes for the map leader’s inability to transition to the next stage, certain monsters became immune during ritual encounters, and amulets dropped without frosting the distant memories. If you are a player on Path of Exile, you are welcome to visit POECurrency to Buy POE Currency.

Overall improvement
    Sirius, World Awakeners and Shapers will no longer appear in the Sacred Jungle, Temporary Invasion, Syndicate Laboratory and Conqueror Arena.
    Added an embellishment to hide in the void. It can be purchased from Zana with decoration level 2 to get a discount of 330 points.
    The "Expand/Collapse All" button has been added to the "Hidden Decoration" tab.
    Association microtransactions can now be added to your watch list.
    The "Other Modifiers" sidebar on the "Map Device" has been visually updated to make it easier for you to view the remaining Sextant uses.
    Clarified that monsters used as auras with the support of blasphemy will not get bad luck.
    Clarified that players must be stunned by Gorgon in The Sulphur Vents Map to complete the Complete Encounters III challenge.

Some specific improvements in PvP include:
    Searing Light’s attack time now exceeds 3 seconds.
    Fixed a bug where a pre-made Templar character could not be equipped with Firestorm gems.
    Fixed the bug of passive tree where the pre-made Duelist roles were not fully assigned.
    Fixed an error where the pre-made character construction of Duelist was incorrectly named "Rotating Blade" (now Double Strike).

Some crash fixes are also provided:
    Fixed a client crash that may occur during the clash of legions.
    Fixed two instance crashes.

You can view the complete patch content on the official website of Path of Exile. You can also click to buy POE Orbs to increase your strength in the game.