The beginning of my Steam level upgrade

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After I had a Steam account for the first time, I started to set up my profile interface. I found that in addition to the personal name and avatar, you can choose by yourself. You can only choose from a few ugly default options or even none.

Then search for Steam Level Up on Google. On the homepage are all kinds of websites that provide this service, and there is an advertisement. The name of the website is Of course, what attracts me is the price marked on it. The service fee for levels 1-10 is 1.8 US dollars.

Then I found some guides and saw some methods. Most of them say that XP is obtained by synthesizing badges, prompting Steam Level upgrades. Because other ways to get XP are too little, such as buying a game to get 1XP. So I still choose Buy Steam Level Up better.

The badge that can be synthesized for free is the community badge. It should be Steam in order to promote its community activities, the initial community mission badge tasks are relatively simple. 28 basic tasks like commenting, communicating with friends, joining groups, and watching guides. Simple but time-consuming. After all, is completed, you can upgrade to level 3.

Then I went to the store to search for free games. Of course, I had to choose games with Steam trading cards from the tabs. I chose a free game with a peculiar idea, and the running requirements are not high. Its name is Think To Die. It has a badge called ThinkToDie-Nooby, which can be combined with 5 cards.

After playing, I found that I couldn't get all the cards at all, just like the statement in the guide. The new account has no friends and cannot be exchanged, so you can only buy it from the Steam market. But the card costs about $0.7 to buy, and the purchase price that players are willing to pay is only a few cents.

I just want to say I broke down! I think I need Fast Steam Level Service.