An introduction to the races that can be used as archers

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Some players like to fight with the enemy at close range with swords and shields. Some players like the feeling of killing an enemy with just one arrow. ESO loyal fans should know that playing a pure archer is difficult. However, some characters have the best racial skills for archers. When novice players are ready to start the game, it is always a headache for them to decide which race to play. Because of their inherent racial abilities, certain races perform better than archers than others. Knowing which one to choose and fighting with ESO Gold can definitely make the first game for new players less of a headache.

Khajiit possess all the tools to make outstanding archers. Combined with a more stealth-based approach a Khajiit’s Racial Passives can make him deadly indeed. Sniping unaware enemies while remaining hidden is a useful strategy for thinning the herd. Robustness can improve the survival probability of players during the battle. Lunar Blessings also affects those same three attributes, except it increases the maximum value of each one. However, the most useful skill hands-down is Feline Ambush. It can double the damage released by the weapon, so choosing Khajiit as an archer is definitely a wise choice.

It made wood Elves for the pure archer build. Players who enjoy feeling immersed while playing the game should be happy to know that The Elder Scrolls lore reinforces that fact as well. The Wood Elf’s Racial Passives make them predisposed to the bow right from the start. First, the Acrobat Skill increases the experience gain when using a bow. Resist Affliction not only fortifies maximum Stamina but also grants some immunity to poison and disease. For players with more stealthy inclinations, Hunter’s Eye increases the Bosmer’s detection radius, making far-off enemies easier to spot. Without a doubt, the Wood Elf is Tamriel’s apex archer.

This is the end of the introduction to races suitable for archers. But players should pay attention to that it is not the choice of this race to exert its full power. They also need to buy Cheap ESO Gold to improve the strength of the character in order to cause more damage to the enemy to a greater extent. So start exercising now.

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