I really don't think I can overstate how much

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One of the NBA 2K21 MT Coins game modes is MyTeam, a card-based team-building game where you must buy players, contracts, jerseys, and anything else you can imagine, either in blind packs or at person auctions. The game brings you towards this; we'd obtained the Trail Blazers to the Finals in MyLeague, our participant in MyCareer had just reached the NBA, and we had done little more than trying out the features of MyTeam, and still, every time we turned on the game onthe menu pulled us towards MyTeam using a'Continue Now' button.

Within our pre-order packs, we have a strong team - Kobe, Shaq, Lillard, Williamson, and Ingram - however after we started purchasing real packs, the standard of players on offer sunk rapidly. You may have a decent time playing with some offline 3v3, making coins that are minimal, working on your own abilities, but to actually get the maximum out of MyTeam, you have to play with online. This means you need to constantly buy - often with actual cash, though grinding is potential - new players and packs. You can't accuse Buy NBA 2K Coins of failing on the court play, but all roads seem to lead back to MyTeam, and also the chance of players spending more real money. VC can be earned free of charge, but it takes a long time to earn even a single package that, in this loot box system, could end up being VC down the drain.