Star Wars: Raven's Video Game History

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The Star Wars franchise used to be much larger than it is today. Soon after Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, the expanded universe that once consisted of dozens of games, novels and comics was removed from Canon and turned into a "legendary" story. This means that hundreds of years before and after the movie was released, "Star Wars" was extinct and many of its popular characters were suddenly deleted.

In the past, part of the expanding universe, many fans are sad to see that the non-canon is the Old Republic era, set before the Star Wars events for thousands of years: the prequel I-Phantom threatened her to be the strongest and most due to these two races The descendants have been fighting for many years, so violent. The "Knights of the Old Republic" series is still a feature of the Old Republic that some fans love. The main character of all of them is Revan. This will arouse a strong response from many "Star Wars" fans, which proves that KOTOR has been Since the game was first released in 2003, the series has always been loved by people.

It turns out that the most fascinating part of the game is SWTOR Credits , which revolves around the adventures of the player character and the hunt for the game’s main opponent Darth Malak. The content of the whole story is more or less what someone expects from the narrative of "Star Wars", because the player will learn various supporting characters around to learn the way of "The Force".

According to the testimony of Darth Revan, a patient with amnesia, Bastila Shan, the Jedi companion of Malak and player Revan, was hit by Malak. Jedi, when the Javanese met Lei Fan, they took him back to the Jedi Temple, and his thoughts disappeared. As the game develops, he may be used to find Malak. Revan's past has grown and grown, and the end of the story is that the player must decide whether to continue to buy Cheap SWTOR Credits in IGGM and obtain the Lord of the Dark Sith, brilliantly talented.