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Any questions should be asked here

Any questions should be asked here

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Final note: Once you form your bank pin when you log in you won't have to type OSRS gold in again once you visit your bank card. Any questions should be asked here. Feel free to start submitting

Grand Exchange Costs Need Change. Of starting prices they place don't make sense. Below are some examples of things with prices completely out of range, which do not attract the interest of traders and are rendered useless, no matter their possible. The items listed are only examples, there are many price flaws in the system now and I can't list all of them.

Why uncooked food prices should be raised: They did it directly with raw lobsters, for example. The price on raw lobs is greater than people of cooked lobs since it helps with the cooking experience, and people don't mind paying a little extra for the great XP. So, costs on all of the raw items (initial) must be raised to a reasonable level, depending on the food in specific. You will find a whole lot, and ascertaining a starting price should just be approximate/change with participant marketplace.

By incorrect, means that no participant is ready to sell at a price too low, or no purchaser is ready to purchase at a cost too high. There are probably a wide variety of things that individuals will not purchase in bulk for alchemy since the cost was set way too high. Buyers and Sellers in bulk are not able to benefit. These items are put extremely low assuming something similar to clothing shops. However, they need to be set higher so that sellers are considering selling for buyers and money will buy at the higher price for convenience.

Exactly why the costs need to modify, manually. The price process is very well thought out. It will allow a change in the cost to Buy RS gold the typical accepted trade price that players utilize in the expansive exchange. There is also a 5 percent deviation either way by this shift that may allow players to purchase and sell (slower or faster ) in their preferred price, and allows for cost changes. Many items have already adjusted towards their more proper prices in a previous couple of days already.