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How To Maintain The Sharpness Of Automatic Chainsaw?

How To Maintain The Sharpness Of Automatic Chainsaw?

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How to maintain the sharpness of the lawn mower automatic chainsaw? I have the following suggestions.

How to maintain the sharpness of the lawn mower automatic chainsaw? I have the following suggestions.

Break the new chain

When the chain needs to be replaced, first soak it in the bar and chain oil for several hours, and then grind it. This ensures that all pivot points are well lubricated.

Then, hang the chain with nails, let the excess oil drip back into the pot, install and tension the chain until it heats up. The chain will loosen when heated, so turn off the saw and tighten the chain again. Then, perform light work, such as cutting limbs and twigs for about 30 minutes. Tighten the chain again, and you can start doing heavy work.


Clean the air filter

Keeping the air filter clean is one of the most important parts of the chainsaw maintenance, which can extend the service life of the chainsaw and improve its performance. This is the only line of defense to prevent the engine from inhaling sawdust and dust, because the sawdust and dust can block the carburetor and cause the saw to start difficult and run poorly. Contaminants can also damage the piston rings, causing the engine to lose compression, thereby reducing power. In contrast to foam or paper filters, many saws have screens. In these cases, use an air compressor to direct the air through the filter to prevent debris from entering the media deeper. If you don't have an air compressor, click the filter on the edge of the workbench. If you have a foam filter or paper filter, replace it often-it is much less expensive than replacing the entire saw.


Find out why different chainsaws have different oil mixing ratios. Use fresh gasoline to best maintain the chain saw. Most homeowners’ chainsaws spend far more time in the garage than in the woods. As gasoline/motor oil ages, gasoline may decompose in as little as 30 days, forming gums and varnishes, clogging the carburetor and causing hard starting and unstable operation. Only mix enough fuel to last 30 days. It is better to use a two-stroke engine oil formulated with a gasoline stabilizer.


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