Data Science Lifecycle

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Data Science:

Data science is a field that involves the use of information to create informative, predictive, or prescriptive analytic models. Every organization has a large amount of data to handle the application. Data Science helps the application of various tools and techniques to convert the raw data into a valuable form. If you need to enroll as a Data Scientist with the support of the Data Science Course in Delhi.

Data Science Lifecycle

Business Terms

The first step is to identify the objective by addressing the business problems with customers or stakeholders and identifying the target metric for the project.

Collecting the data

The next step is to use direct sources such as analytics or third-party sources as required to collect the relevant data. High-quality data is an important requirement for a data science project.

Understanding the data

It is important to explore the data first before training a model. Most production data have missing values and errors, domain knowledge and available algorithms should be addressed. For better model training, the data can also be standardized and transformed.

Creating a model

Choosing the relevant columns is an important task of all the columns available in the dataset, this is called feature engineering. The exploration of data and domain expertise is needed to decide on the features to be used for model training. Different types of templates are available to choose from depending on the project's issue statement.

Deploying the model

Decide whether the accuracy of the model is sufficient to be used in production. If not, try to train data on different models and collect more data if necessary. Once the model has been finalized, deploy the model to the web to make it easier for users to predict using their data. APIs can also be used to get predictions from other applications.

A Career in Data Science:

The Huge demands for Data Science are increasing rapidly. So, there is a great opportunity for every software professional to enter this field and Freshers can start their career in Data Science Course in Hyderabad is a great way towards your successful path. FITA Academy provides the best platform to learn the Data Science Course in Bangalore with real-time examples.


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