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Can You Introduce PET Honey Bottles

Can You Introduce PET Honey Bottles

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There are usually only two types of honey in plastic bottles: plastic bottles and glass jars.

There are usually only two types of honey in plastic bottles: plastic bottles and glass jars. Honey in glass jars can be said to be a long-term and stable storage method that has very good sealing properties, is not easy to volatilize the honey.

Some of the plastic bottles we come into contact with in life are plastic bottles for food. For example, you can put honey in such plastic bottles. Of course, pay attention to the size of the bottle mouth. If the bottle mouth is too small, it will be inconvenient to fetch honey back and forth. The size of the bottle should be diverse for customers to choose from, just like the juice, there are Small Plastic Juice Bottles and large bottles.

In fact, in life, it is not difficult for us to find that honey is a food that is very easy to crystallize. This is mainly due to the natural physical phenomenon of honey itself. It can be said that as long as it is pure natural honey, there is no crystallization or not, only the difference between the amount of crystallization and the amount of crystallization. .

Therefore, when choosing a plastic bottle, the quality must be careful not to choose a bottle that is too soft, because once the honey crystallizes seriously, you need to pinch it harder or dig it with a spoon before eating it if you want to take it out. However, in order to save costs, many businesses use soft plastics that are not good enough for honey packaging, so everyone should pay attention. The PET Honey Bottles is a good choice.