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The Shawshank Redemption is a great movie. we can enrich our knowledge to see this movie. Because it is a inspire movie

The Shawshank Redemption is the best and famous American drama film. It was a 1994 drama film. Frank Darabont was the writer and director of this drama film. The story tells about Andy Dufresne who was a banker. Despite his claims of innocence, he is sentenced to life in Shawshank State Penitentiary for the murders of his wife and her lover. While there, he becomes friends with one of the prisoners. Her name was  Ellis Red Redding. $ 20 million was budgeted to create The Shawshank Redemption. This drama film attracted many stars of the time for the role of andy. when it was released it was a box-office disappointment. During its initial theatrical run, earning only $16 million. Many reasons were cited for its failure.  These are the general unpopularity of prison films, lack of female characters, etc. It went on to receive multiple award nominations, including seven Academy Award nominations, and a theatrical re-release that, combined with international takings, increased the film's box-office gross to $58.3 million. 




Andrew Dufresne, better known as Andy a vice president of Portland, a major Maine bank, was prosecuted for his wife and boyfriend's crimes. Although he emphasized his innocence, the evidence shows that the judge has sufficient reasons to sentence him to two life terms in Shawshank State Prison.

Upon arriving at the prison, Andy realizes how harsh the environment is, the guards have made no effort to discipline the inmates with cruel methods, especially Chief Byron Hadley. This "regime of terrorism" has been approved by the prison warden, Samuel Norton (Bob Gunton).

For the first few months, Andy befriended the prison smuggler Alice Boyd Redding with Red for carving jewelry and a few other things. He spends his time and energy on protecting a group of rapists from the regular harassment called "The Sisters" and is led by a certain Bog Diamond. Two years later, Andy Red and his others were selected to repair the roof of a prison building. While working, Andy heard complaints about tax evasion due to the inheritance he received from Captain Hadley from his brother. Andy offers to help each of his friends bring a new beer.

This fact brings fame to Andy, who spends mentoring prison guards and even the warden financially. Andy got rid of the pressure of "The Sisters" when Boggs got paralyzed by Captain Hadley for harassing Andy. Eventually, Andy is transferred to the Jail Library, to help librarian Brooks Hatlen, until he receives probation, but Brooks commits suicide after relieving himself of the frustration of forming the idea. To ruin his life.

Years later, in response to his repeated request, Andy received $ 200 from the state Senate and a batch of books and records to equip the library.

Andy was not satisfied with the books received and insisted on their requests unless the Senate paid $ 500 annually for it. With her intense business acumen and the invaluable support of her friends, Andy works wonders with that money and builds one of the best prison libraries in all of New England.

For 1965, a new prisoner named Tommy Williams revolted in prison with his brilliant personality. With Andy's help, he graduated from high school, and finding out why Andy is in prison reveals that the real killer was another man named Elmo Blatch, who was in prison with Tommy in another prison. Upon learning of the matter, Shawshank approached Andy told the warden to reopen his case, but he refused to leave without his services and sent him to the pit for a month in furious anger.

A few days after receiving Tommy's high school diploma, Norton asked if he was willing to testify for Andy's innocence, and when he got his answer, Hadley fired four rifle shots at Tommy and killed him.

One day during the Guard's review, the guards find Andy's cell empty. Andy revealed a tunnel that he had dug with his geologist's hammer for the past nineteen years. He emailed a local newspaper in his notebook, along with other evidence of corruption and murder in Shawshank. The state police reached Shawshank and arrested Hadley, and Norton shot himself to avoid arrest.

 The Reds finally get the conditional sentence. She is released and, remembering Andy's promise, he travels to Brookston and receives a hidden box at the foot of a tree that contains the money and a letter from Andy asking him to travel to Zihuatanejo. Red has violated his condition by traveling to Fort Hancock, Texas and crossing Mexico's border, admitting he is finally optimistic. Find Andy on a beach in Zihuatanejo, resulting in the reunion of these two old friends



The main actors and characters of the film are:

Tim Robbins as a banker named Andy Dufresne

Morgan Freeman as a smuggler named Ellis Red Redding

Bob Gunton as Samuel Norton

William Sadler as Haywood

Clancy Brown as Byron Hadley

Gil Bellows as Tommy Williams

James Whitemore as Brooks Hatlen

Mark Rolston as Bogs Diamond 

Jeffrey Demunnas as the prosecuting attorney 

Alfonso Freeman as Fresh Fish Con

Ned Bellamy and Don McManus as, respectively, prison guards Youngblood and Wiley.




The film's production was praised. Time has given it a favorable critique, gaining prestige and worldwide recognition after versions of VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray. Many critics consider it the best work of the 90s or one of the greatest films ever made. According to the Internet Game Database, this is the best movie in history. Empire Magazine ranked it fourth on the list of the top 500 movies of all time.