Fan reveals impressive Piers cosplay in Pokemon sword and shield

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One of the stronger areas of Pokemon Sword and Shield emanates from the many new characters introduced inside the series. Now, a fan and cosplayer made their debut in Sword and Shield's Dark-type stadium leader Piers' incredible role-play, showing some incredibly impressive details. Other Shiny Pokemon is also very important in the game, players can Buy Shiny Pokemon or catch them in the game.

The role-playing originates from Reddit user Moonllita, who's got played many Nintendo-related roles in the past. Those who have played Pokemon Sword and Shield will keep in mind that Piers was the seventh stadium leader inside the Galar area and later on transferred his position to his sister Marnie. There is no doubt that Piers is one with the most memorable character designs in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Moonllita's role-playing perfectly captures all of the weird information Piers.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Piers' design is his massive black and white spiked hairstyle. Moonllita's role-playing incorporates an excellent wig, which is essentially a one-on-one reproduction of Piers' iconic styling. It is worth noting that the cosplay perfectly reproduces Piers’ pink and black fitness leader uniforms, and even captures the pattern on the shorts and the Dark symbol on the chest.

Although in terms of the significance or difficulty with the story, Piers may not be one of the most memorable sports leaders in Pokemon Sword and Shield, his overall design surpasses other sports leaders on the eighth generation. It was finally decided to transfer her position as being the head from the gymnasium to Marnie. Regardless of the unforgettable elements of Piers from the game, it is obvious that Piers' role-playing is memorable.

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