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Microsoft office Word 2020 permits you to enter a large vary of symbols into the document. The image window could be a bonus tool within the Microsoft office Word 2020 that wasn’t obtainable in the previous version.
First of all, you must place the insertion purpose at the place wherever you wish to insert the image. After that, you must visit Insert Symbols. From the Symbols computer menu, you must choose symbols. once you’ve got selected Symbols, a menu list can seem to the correct. The menu list contains the foremost oft used symbols. (

If you can’t realize the image you wish to use within the right menu, you must click on the additional Symbols. once you click on additional Symbols, the Symbols window can seem. To insert an emblem, you merely double click on that. From the Font computer menu, you’ll choose the sort of font face for the symbols. From the set computer menu, you’ll choose the set form of the symbols. most of the people use the fundamental Latin set. Recently used symbols, there’s an inventory of symbols that you simply recently used. the foremost recently used image are displayed at the start.

If you wish to insert special characters, you must click on the Special Characters tab. To insert a special character, you’ll double click it and choose the Insert button. If you wish to grasp the road key of a special character, you must choose the special character and click on on the road Key… button. If you wish to interchange an emblem within the document, you’ll click the AutoCorrect button. once the AutoCorrect window seems, you must enter the search term within the Replace field and replaced the term in the breadth field. as an example, if you enter the search term within the Replace field and in the with the sphere, the image are replaced with as you sort.