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Point System and Restriction

Point System and Restriction

Rules and Restrictions for making posts and earning points

Earning point is fun. But there are certain rules to earn points. We made these rules to make RecentStatus a better place. Review them below:

1) Don't post any referral links more than once in a day. If you continue posting referral links, your account may result in banned.
2) Post Valuable images, videos or text contents, post texts of at least 30 words. Don't post spam texts like Hi, Hello, Good, etc.
3) Try to post at least 5-10 posts per day. Your account will be deactivated if you don't post anything or login in 7 days.
4) To get paid, you must have to verify your profile and become a Premium member, there are 4 Packages on our website, you must have to be a premium member of any of these packages. Every package lasts for 1 week/month, during getting paid, you must be a premium member. For example, if you are a member of our "Hot Member" Package, this membership lasts for 1 month, in this period, you can request for withdrawing for an unlimited time, you can request a withdraw on the last day of your premium membership, you will get paid within next 72 hours, even your membership is expired or you haven't renewed the membership, you will get paid. But you can't request a new withdraw once your membership is expired and you haven't renewed your membership. If you request a withdraw being a free user, your withdraw will be declined.
You can become a premium member by paying with bKash, PayPal, Visa/Master/Credit cards. Also, you can become a premium member with your current account balance which you have earned from Recent Status. To activate your Premium membership with your account balance, just send a message to our official page here: https://www.recentstatus.com/recentstatus

5) Please don't post nudity or sexual contents
6) Creating irrelevant posts, again and again, such as posting hi, hello, nice or other may cause your point minus.
7) Posting youtube videos more than 5 times in a day is not allowed. This may cause your account banned.
8) Posting more than 5 pictures without any caption is not allowed. This will not make your account banned and point minus, but if you do this regularly, then your account may be banned. Irrelevant photos or pornographic photo posting is not allowed.
9) Commenting the same this to all posts is prohibited. Please post relevant comments on posts.

Article Writing Rules

1) Must share your articles to social media like Facebook and Twitter to get more views on your article
2) You must have at least 150 Views to get 15 Points after writing Article. If your article has less than 150 views, your points won't be counted and you won't be able to get paid for those points

Please follow these rules during enjoying RecentStatus site to earn money and have fun!

If you request a withdraw by following all the rules above, you will get paid in 72 hours if there are no technical difficulties on our website. Otherwise, your withdrawal may be delayed or Declined

What is the point system?

RecentsIT offers pointing system to visitors to earn points by sharing posts on RecentsIT, reacting and commenting to other's posts. So users can earn points by posting, reacting or commenting. Check here how many points you can earn by posting, reacting and commenting:https://www.recentstatus.com/setting/my_points.

What Can I do with points?

Point is money! 1000 points = 1 USD. So earning points is earning money. You can request a withdraw when you earned 10 USD. To request a withdraw, visit this link:https://www.recentstatus.com/setting/payments (you must need to be logged in to view these links). You can withdraw from your PayPal account. If you want to get paid on bKash, then on the withdraw page, there is a field to input your PayPal email address, in the Place of PayPal email, type your bKash number @ bKash.com. In this format: 01xxxxxxxxx@bKash.com. If you want to get paid on Payoneer or in any other payment getaways, then contact us here:https://www.recentstatus.com/contact-us. Or send a message at our official page: https://www.recentstatus.com/recentstatusofficial